Commercial Real Estate can be complex – your property management software doesn’t have to be. Innago’s easy-to-use platform helps you conquer commercial renting in an intuitive way. No unnecessary features or fillers to slow you down, just a sleek and effective way to enhance your commercial portfolio. Check out how Innago can boost your efficiency and professionalism.

A Professional Experience

Your renters are running a business and they expect a professional experience for their rental. With Innago’s clean and modern look and feel, your renters will be impressed with the level of polish you bring to your business.

Custom Leases

Commerical leases are often significantly more complex than their residential counterparts, and for good reason. There is simply a lot more to negotiate. Fortunately, Innago allows you to add any number of custom lease agreements to be signed in digitally. And any leases signed offline can be uploaded into the system so your contract is never far from reach.

Variable Due Dates

Set monthly, weekly, yearly, bi-monthly, and pretty much any payment interval you can imagine. Each of these comes with it’s own set of custom dates to choose, so you can invoice and collect rent on the day you and your tenant agreed to.

Create Custom Invoices

In addition to your standard rental fee, with Innago, you can create an invoice for anything. Parking fees, CAM fees, utility bills, etc. can all be made, sent, and managed. And if the fee is one paid regularly, you can mark it as recurring.